Hard Landscaping

Our hard landscaping services can give your outdoor spaces a whole new lease of life. We can add functional decking or patio areas, add interest by creating raised areas and features such as seating areas or water features and much more.

Our range of services means that we can provide you with a multitude of options with regards to materials and construction methods, creating the perfect garden design for you. We can also repair decking by replacing damaged or old planks or re-painting or varnishing. We are highly skilled in driveway, patio and paving repairs and sealing.


Our professional team has over 25 years of experience and have built a fantastic reputation for providing top quality work.


Ponds & Water Features

Along with the landscaping services we also provide pond construction and water feature services.


Whether you require a large natural-looking pond or a small modern water feature, we can help.

A pond or water feature can bring an element of motion and life to a garden as well as adding an interesting focal point to the space.


Our expertise and experience in our other trades such as stonework and woodwork mean that we can create some very striking features such as a decking area extending over the water of your pond or a water feature that is actually built into your patio.


Patios & Decking

Our experienced team offer high-quality patio and decking installation services at great prices. We provide style, material and colour choices to suit all tastes with a range of design options meaning every project is individual to each customer.

We can combine block paving, decking, paving, chipping, gravel and more to create the perfect outdoor space for you.